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Hi all,

Apart from teaching my kids John Belly Mama today, I am going to try to start teaching them the pledge and anthem as well.

Not living in Barbados means that their exposure to all things Barbadian is limited. So it falls on me to educate them about their culture and part of that it celebrating Independence.

Now if I had it my way we would be dressing in traditional dress, doing all the John Belly Actions (we love the come down when I call you wuk up action most), eating conkies and drinking mauby.

AND we would be doing independence worksheets during our homeschooling program.

I am not sure if I will achieve the conkies as I have never been know to be a good cook but I did create some worksheets for them to do.

I am excited about them and want to share them with you all too.

To get access to these worksheets sign up below, confirm in your inbox, download and print.

If you do receive the email, please check your junk mail just in case.

In my opinion they are super cute and I hope you like them.


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