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Hello out there, we are the parents of the 4 little Baarbaas. Everyone calls us Baarbaa Mama and Baarbaa Papa but our names are Baard and Baarbara.


We are proud of our little ones; they are all very kind and helpful. They do get up to trouble sometimes but it’s nothing that we can't handle together. 


We teach them to respect everyone especially themselves. This works because with every lesson we mix in lots of love. 


Mama is the creative one in the family. She is always making something or coming up with ideas for family outings. I on the other hand, like to fix things. They say you can give me anything and I can either fix it or rebuild it. 


As a couple, we love each other a little more every day. Family life is like being in Barbados, sometimes it rains but soon afterwards there is always sunshine and a rainbow. 


The rest of the family

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